Usage And Care


Usage & Care

Turning the Litecup Light Base On/Off

  1. Insert coin or blunt object into slot on the underside of the light base.
  2. Twist the switch counter clockwise to the 'on' position indicated by a small point in line with the coin slot.
  3. The light base is now on.

Changing the Litecup Battery

  1. Click out the light unit from base of the cup (using a spoon or blunt object).
  2. Remove the safety screw from the bottom face of the light base.
  3. Twist the slot with coin or blunt object, align the pointer to the screw hole.
  4. The battery compartment will now release from the main body of the light base.
  5. Replace with a new CR2032 battery + side facing outwards.
  6. Put cover back on and turn to of position.
  7. Replace safety screw.